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A few extreme members of the Ethiopian Diaspora staged an Anti-Ethiopia protest in front
of Ethiopian Embassy in DC.
Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC. November, 21, 2013

A few extreme elements of the fringe Diaspora Ethiopians, numbering between 65 - 70 staged a protest rally in front of the Chancery of the
Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC, to-day November 21, 2013.

The extreme elements representing fringe members of the Ethiopian Diaspora were out and out accusing the Ethiopian government of deliberate
neglect of the Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia who were getting harsh treatment by the Saudi authorities.
The hate-mongers were chanting anti-Ethiopia slogans calling for instability and chaos to surface in the country. Some of the slogans that were
aired by the hate-driven elements included curses hurled against the prevailing Constitutional order by placating responsibility on the Federal
government for its utter failure to rescue and protect the migrant workers.

The few extremists were hoisting antiquated slogans that stood in sharp contrast to today's Ethiopian reality wherein the people are persevering
and striving hard to realize justice, peace, development, democracy and good governance in place of the defiled and much hated unjust feudal
and military status quo.

The few protesters were blind-folded by sheer hate and lack of sincerity when they shouted unfounded allegations saying that there is lack of
accountability in Ethiopia and called for justice to be served and meted out on the Ethiopian government. The absence of vision and alternative
policy were vividly discerned when the extreme elements focused on name calling and an outright campaign of character assassination for which
they devoted most of their time in futility.

According to some observers on the scene, given the shoddy and tiny turn out in the token protest, it amply demonstrates that the extreme
elements of the Diaspora were totally out of touch of the silent majority here and the objective reality presently obtaining in Ethiopia and are
deliberately blind-folded to the efforts of the government in swiftly repatriating about 12,000 of its citizens from Saudi Arabia and giving them all the
support needed at rehabilitation.

The observers argued that it is a sad story when the so called extreme opposition members have no heart at all as this time around, differences
aside it would have been better to see the big picture I.E. instead of pin pointing their accusatory fingers at the government which is doing its level
best to address the daunting issue right away. It is unfortunate that we have such an opposition which ignores to support the needy citizens when
the only option is to do the best for those who deserve most inplace of spewing hatred, they underlined.