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Adwa Victory Source of Inspiration for Freedom, Best Example to Bring
Unity in Africa: Scholar
Professor Mammo Muchie
February 15/2021
The victory provided practical expression to Pan-Africanism, self-worth, dignity, unity, resistance,
confidence, self-reliance and freedom from colonialism, the professor noted.

“We take this time to make sure that we articulate clearly the achievements that our leaders at that time did
and appreciate and recognize them. I think it is a great time and opportunity. Adwa Victory is not just
Ethiopian victory it was the victory of European themselves. They said that this Adwa Victory gave lessons
to the rest of Africa to always continue to resist us.”

According to him, they (Europeans) have always acknowledged this victory as not just of Ethiopia, but a
victory for Africa over Europe. It was a “very important victory,” he underlined.

Professor Mammo emphasized that the unity of Africans will bring the bright Africa with the historically rich
guidance from Adwa Victory.

“If we are united, we know how to own Africa. And when we know how to own Africa, our people will benefit a
lot. That unity is critical. Adwa Victory is the best example to bring African unity,” the scholar explained.

He noted that Africans can unite and build the capacity to own Africa’s very untapped resources by making
it possible to close-up and end all the neo-colonial traps Africa is in today.

Adwa Victory has also become the victory for all oppressed humanity in the world, according to the

Speaking about the celebration of 125th anniversary Adwa Victory at global level, Professor Mammo who
also Chair of the Adwa Great African Victory Association (AGAVA) stated that the day will be celebrated
virtually and with limited number of people due to COVID-19.

“As this victory has global significance, we have people all over the world who speak through  short clips
what this victory means all of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and other parts the world. There are
people who will be doing this.”

The entire world respects this victory as a great victory of Africa and the oppressed humanity across the
world. So all the world is willing to celebrate the 125th anniversary with us, he said.

The Adwa Great African Victory Association (AGAVA) the professor chairs also plans to hold poetry contest
for young children about Adwa Victory.

AGAVA is working to promote squares, parks, heritage sites, libraries, schools, universities and statues to
be established in all parts of the world to educate generations of Africans to know the historic achievements
their ancestors left behind for all future generations.

Besides, “we are trying to produce a handbook on Adwa Victory. Quite a number of people have already
submitted papers for us. And there are also people who still would like to submit their papers,” he stated.

The battle fought at the northern Ethiopian town of Adwa in 1896 against the invading Italian forces is one
of the most powerful episodes of resistance to the scramble for Africa.

Ethiopians fought the battle under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II and won the most historic and
decisive victory.
Addis Ababa February 15/2021 (ENA) The Victory
of Adwa has been a source of inspiration for
freedom throughout the pan-African world and is
the best example to bring unity in Africa, Professor
Mammo Muchie said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Professor
Mammo Muchie, Chair of Science and Technology
Department at National Research Foundation in
South Africa said the Victory of Adwa is an
important point of convergence for the entire
African continent in its fight against colonial
invasion and subjugation.

“The Adwa Victory which started as Ethiopianism
gave great inspiration. It even made it strong. It
was a source and one of the great motivator of
Pan-African agenda or African renaissance
agenda and Ethiopianism. All these connected in
very strong way,” he underlined.