About us

We are truth-seekers and storytellers.

Hebre Zema page was launched on the 1st of September 2000, (Ethiopian millennium) to promoting
peace, democracy and development, by supporting peace democracy and development with
up-to-date and standard information on national as well as continental issues.

Hebre Zema is Gathering information of national significance from local as well as international sources and
availing them to public use after careful scrutiny and analysis.

•Hebre Zema is Quenching the ever-increasing thirst for balanced, timely and accurate information through print,
visual or audio outlets and thereby contributing to the creation of the truth an information-rich society.

• Assisting the on-going democratization efforts through transparent, and timely paneldiscussions, print materials,
documentary films, TV programs and various translation items.

why Hebre Zemam?

Hebre Zema Convinced that we the Nation and Nationalities and people,with our own individual and admirable
culture, and modes of life have comes all together hand in hand in equal footing and sing a colourful song and to
enhance national understanding by fostering unity in diversity and a single economic community so as to promote
our common rights,freedoms and interests!!!!!!!

Designed and Edited by
Zewdu Teklu

July 16,2021