Eritrea and Ethiopia to re-establish ties
JULY 8,2018
Mr Mnangagwa did not accuse Mrs Mugabe of being involved in the attempt on his

He told the BBC he expects arrests to be made shortly.

"I don't know whether it was one individual - I would think it is broader than one person. I would
think this is a political action by some aggrieved persons," he said.

'Soft as wool'

Mr Mnangagwa described Mrs Mugabe as someone who had frequently insulted him in the past.

"On what basis would I trust someone who was used by a cabal to say things that had no basis?"
he asked.

Nicknamed "the crocodile", Mr Mnangagwa has a reputation for being ruthless, but he told our
correspondent: "I am as soft as wool. I am a very soft person in life, my brother. I'm a family
person. I am a Christian."

Despite the apparent attempt on his life, Mr Mnangagwa said there would be no countrywide
security clampdown and elections scheduled for 30 July would go ahead in a free and fair

Zimbabwe was stable and that foreign investors should not worry, he said.

Representatives of Zanu-PF, the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and
other parties signed a peace pledge on Tuesday, promising to avoid violence and hate speech
during campaigning.

The MDC's Nelson Chamisa is expected to be Mr Mnangagwa's main challenger in the election.
He has also condemned the attack in Bulawayo.
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Eritrea and Ethiopia are to re-establish diplomatic and trade ties after long years of

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaia Afwerki made the
announcement during a landmark meeting in the latter's capital Asmara.

It is the first time the leaders from the two East African neighbours have met in almost 20 years.
Relations were severed following a border dispute which killed tens of thousands of people in the
late 1990s.

A peace deal was signed in December 2000. However, Ethiopia refused to accept the final ruling
of a border commission two years later, which awarded disputed territory to Eritrea, including the
town of Badme.

The countries have been on a war footing ever since.

The story behind Africa's unfinished war

Brothers at war in the Horn of Africa

Sunday's meeting, which follows a visit to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa by an Eritrean
delegation, comes after Mr Abiy said his country would accept the commission's ruling.

In speeches broadcast live on state television on Sunday, Prime Minister Abiy and President
Isaias said they had agreed to set up embassies in their respective capitals, while landlocked
Ethiopia will be allowed to use Eritrean ports on the Red Sea.

The two countries will also resume flights between each other, as well as direct phone

The meeting was greeted with excitement in Eritrea, where thousands of people lined the streets
singing and waving both countries' flags.

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