Ethiopia’s Resource Dev’t Approach Inspires Tanzania: Magufuli
April 2, 2017
Addis Ababa April 01/2017 Ethiopia's move in developing its resources particularly the grand dam
being built along the Nile inspired Tanzania to properly utilize its resources, Tanzanian President
John Magufuli said.

After the discussion held with the visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in Dar
es Salaam, Magufuli said that the grand dam has a special meaning not only for Ethiopia but also
for his country.

Magufuli said that Ethiopia is an inspiration for African countries in the mobilization of demotic
resources through its grand dam project, the largest in the continent.

Expressing delight over the construction of the dam, Magufuli said that his country will buy 400 MW
power from Ethiopia, upon the completion of the project.

The President said that Tanzania needs to learn from Ethiopia to boost its power supply, noting that
the country’s installed generating capacity is just 1,500 MW.

Through blending Ethiopia's best practices, the President hopes that Tanzania will manage to ease
power shortages and improve competitiveness.

In this regard, Magufuli called on Ethiopia to extend support so as to enable his country properly
utilize its resources, as Ethiopia owns the right strategy and techniques.

According to the President, energy is not the only sector that Tanzania needs to learn from
Ethiopia. The experience sharing should also need to include the telecom sector.

Despite the presence of a number of telecom companies in Tanzania, providing quality services is
still a challenge, Magufuli said comparing with Ethiopia's telecom services.

The services they are providing are not comparable to the single telecom company in Ethiopia,
Magufuli said, noting its contribution to the country's development.

The President has also appreciated the move by the Ethiopian Airlines, the largest carrier in the
continent, to make Dar es Salaam a cargo hub, saying it is an opportunity for the improvement of
Tanzania's import-export trade.

In addition to boosting tourism, trade and investment, the cargo hub in Tanzania will enable
Ethiopia expand alternatives in its use of ports for its import and export, Magufuli said.

The President affirmed that Tanzania and Ethiopia will work together to realize development in both
countries, since they share similar visions of ending poverty