Tesfaye added "every institution and citizen should be concerned with current happenings in the country as it is not only a
government concern."

Bezuneh Haile with over 13 years experience in technical inspection of vehicles from  the regional state of Amhara also spoke in
favor of the emergency ruling, saying the ruling led to the resumption of transportation services in particular and calmed the
violent situation in general.

"People are now moving without fear as we are enjoying a relative peace and I believe that this situation will be maintained,"
Bizuneh said

Kibreab Wolday, another respondent from the state of Tigray, said the violence affected many development activities in some
parts of the country.

He said investors and owners of vehicles are heavily affected as they are dependent on their hard-earned businesses.

According to Kibreab, the situation is now improving and the public needs to be well informed about the state of emergency and
its many benefits in bringing back the peace.

"The violence had its stake on transportation which affected investors in the business and the general public as well," he added.

Tesfaye Belechew, Director of Public Transport at the Federal Transport Authority mentioned the physical damage on vehicles
including setting them on fire which halted transportation services in some routes.

"We are now providing regular services as the state of emergency put an end to the violent situation," the Director confirmed.

The stakeholders from the transport sector gathered for a half day event in Addis Ababa to honor best performers in the
transport sector during the past fiscal year.
Ruling normalized transport, economic activities
October 23, 2016
Addis Ababa October 22, 2016 Stakeholders in the field of
transport have confirmed that the emergency ruling brought
transportation back to normal which in turn improved the
situation for economic activities to revive.

The stakeholders from Addis Ababa and regional transport
bureaus told ENA that the transport services crippled due to
the violence in some parts of the country now returned to

"I feel that the state of emergency which is common in the
world is a fair and proper government response to the violent
situation in the country that helped in the bouncing back of
transportation and other business activities," according to
Tesfaye Negussie, President of the Addis Ababa Vehicles
Training Centre Association.