Some Int’l Aid Agencies Attempt to Exacerbate Conflict in Ethiopia: Journalist

Monday, 20 December 2021

Some international humanitarian aid agencies have been attempting to exacerbate the conflict in Ethiopia by engaging themselves in activities against their responsibilities, Scoop Independent News Editor in Chief Alastair Thompson said.

It is to be recalled that the government have expelled some staffs of UN aid agencies for meddling in the internal affairs of the Ethiopia for they have been found supporting the terrorist TPLF in various ways. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Alastair Thompson noted that some staffs of the international aid agencies operating in Ethiopia proved to have involved in the activities of the terrorist TPLF group against the responsibilities they are expected to fulfill in the country.

Recalling that aid agencies had used to support the military efforts of the TPLF in various ways before 1991 during its war with the then military regime in Ethiopia, he pointed out some aid agencies are now repeating history by providing fuel, trucks, food and fortified biscuits and satellite phones among others to this group. He also indicated that humanitarian organizations have been reluctant to push the return of hundreds of trucks that arrived in Tigray with food aid but never returned.

“As the same time we also see an absence of the international agencies being impartial when it comes to discussing issues as to the whereabouts of the trucks that have been entering in Tigray with food aid. It took them ages to react about the missing trucks,’’ he underlined. “What we subsequently found out is that none of the trucks came back from Tigray and the some of the UN staffs also lied about whether or not the trucks were coming back even if we’ve seen a video of large numbers of fuel trucks going in presumably being used to transport the insurgency of TPLF to the front line.’’ The Editor in Chief also asked ‘’What is the UN expect the Ethiopian government to do when it’s quite obvious that a war which is killing thousands and thousands of its own citizens is being fought using food, fuel and trucks which are being provided by aid agencies.’’ He also criticized the international community for not reacting for the various massacres committed by the terrorist group including the Galikoma Massacre in Afar region.

Thompson has mentioned about the atrocities committed by the group in Amhara and Afar regions including the destruction of infrastructures, looting and vandalizing of public and private properties. He further called on the international community to support enormous amount of assistance to the people of these regions. Some elements in the UN and EU as well as the US administration have failed to understand the reality in Ethiopia and act accordingly, he added.

”They failed to understand the nature of what they were dealing with, and they made it worse for months even though they were being told by a lot of people how badly they were doing it and what they’re doing wrong.” He finally urged the international powers to support the Ethiopian government in its efforts to arrest the leadership of the TPLF and remove the group so as to create a secure environment in Tigray and help the people recover from the atrocities being committed by the group.