TPLF’s Criminal Act Leaves Unbearable Wound on People of Tigray

July 16,2021

The criminal acts being committed by the TPLF terrorist group by engaging children in war will leave unbearable wound in the psyche of the people of Tigray beyond the gross violation of international humanitarian law, scholars said.

Mizan Teppei University International Law lecturer, Taddese Aibera told Ethiopian News Agency that TPLF’s provocative and futile attempts to destabilize the country by rejecting the government’s unilateral humanitarian ceasefire should be condemned by all, including the people of Tigray and the international community. Particularly, the scholar pointed out that the heinous acts being orchestrated by the group in recruiting and deploying children in the armed conflicts for its futile ambition is against international law that will leave unbearable wound on the psyche of Tigray.

Taddese called on the international community and human right activists to publicly denounce the act in a bid to stop the group from this war crime and exert the appropriate pressure to accept the call for peace. Law scholar at the university, Getahun Teshome said on his part that if TPLF is truly concerned for the safety of the people of Tigray as it pretends, it would not have engaged in provocative acts that disrupt the farming activities in the region, which is important for the wellbeing of the people.

Scholars at Jimma University also urged all Ethiopians, including the people of Tigray and the diaspora, to stand in unison to end the heinous acts of the group so as to ensure the sovereignty and national integrity of the country. Media and Communication lecturer at same university, Getachew Tilahun told ENA that since it is difficult to achieve peace through the commitment of one group, the government has an obligation to enforce law in order to ensure the safety of its people. Getachew noted that the people of Ethiopia have to stand by the side of the government and the National Defense Force by providing the necessary support in this regard.