What are the various levels or types of websites and what do they cost?

When we estimate website cost, we look at the potential complexity in order to calculate the number of predicted required hours.
Although every website is different (different brand, different design, different content, etc.), there are certain levels of effort
required for certain types of websites.

All of our websites are mobile-friendly and have Google Analytics installed. Most of our websites come with a content
management system (CMS) so that clients can update their content themselves. Cost includes strategy, original design,
programming, testing, SEO-readiness and client training.

In order to better help you figure out your options and potential costs, we need to identify who you are and what you
need. Please click on the description below that best describes your situation and we’ll jump you down the page for
more personalized advice.

small business, first-time website” is a website consisting of up to five main sections with the total pages not to exceed 10. There
is no need for custom plug-ins or databases. For e-commerce websites, we would use PayPal or a hosted cart solution like
Shopify, there are no 3rd-party integrations. If you need any of this explained, please contact us.

Mid-size, Informational, Business Website (no E-commerce, marketing-focus):

These types of websites are primarily informational and have all the components of the simple website option above but with
additional sub-pages and options. These websites typically include following specifications:

Client provides logo and text content and possibly some photos
Website consists of approximately 10-20 pages
  • Other features we can include:
  • Social Media links and feeds
  • Blog
  • Email newsletter signup
  • Other minor features: Calendar, gallery, slideshow, etc

Here’s our breakdown for the website described above:

Website Breakdown:

Planning – $0 – $600
UX (sitemap, wireframes) – $0 – $1200
Visual Design – $1,200 – $2,400
Programming – $3,000 – $4,800
Content Support – $240 – $600
Client Training / Documentation – $240 – $600
Testing and Launch – $960 – $1200

Total Cost: $5,640 – $8,400  *and up, depending on Requirements

If you have further questions please contact us for a free, detailed consultation. Call 0045 91 41 68 00 or contact us via our
Inquiry Form. We also have many more articles in our blog that will help you become more successful online.